Tooth-Colored Composite Restorations

Dr. Marc Weizenberg offers you tooth filing solutions that are both strong and aesthetic.

If you need a tooth filling, you no longer need to put up with a set of embarrassing silver teeth or empty your pockets for the expensive gold fillings.

A tooth filling may be required in case of decay. Doctors remove the decay and replace it with a permanent filling with the filling of your choice. Other problems requiring fillings are chipped teeth, gaps between teeth. And since no tooth fillings can last a lifetime, you may need to replace your old fillings with new ones.

Bonded fillings or tooth colored composite restorations are made of durable resins. They easily bond with the tooth, where they are re-shaped by dentists to resemble a real tooth. Tooth colored composite restorations come in the shades that perfectly match your teeth. 

You can achieve all this in a single visit at Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s clinic!


Before Tooth FillingsAfter Tooth Fillings