An accident or weak teeth (due to age or poor health) can cause one to lose a permanent tooth. A missing tooth can be a great inconvenience for eating, speaking and a plain eyesore for many. Thankfully, this situation can be helped through installing dental bridges; a holistic restorative procedure.

A bridge is structured in various ways, the most common being an artificial tooth in between 2 crowns or even a single artificial tooth supported by metal ‘wings’. The artificial tooth could be supported by a dental implant.

Installing bridges will require a minimum of 2-3 visits. The 2 teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are called ‘abutment’ teeth. The procedure begins with removing a part of the crown of the abutment teeth. The bridge is then installed on top of these abutments. 

If proper oral hygiene is maintained, a dental bridge can last up to six to seven years.