Crowns or caps are a way of protecting already damaged or cracked teeth. An infection or decay generally reaches the root of the tooth. This is why installation of dental crowns is recommended to help prevent further damage of a tooth.  It also prevents erosion of bone surface.

Crowns come in the following materials-

  • Traditional dental crowns or implants (porcelain fused to metal)
  • All-ceramic crowns
  • CEREC porcelain dental crowns
  • Gold crowns

Dentists use resin to bind the crown to the tooth’s surface. Porcelain and ceramic crowns allow you to achieve the apparent perfection of natural teeth. Their popularity is ever increasing in cosmetic dentistry due to their natural appearance. Dental crowns are also a part of installing bridges and dental implants. Depending on oral hygiene and other habits, crowns can last for a long time.


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