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One can lose a tooth due to many reasons such as accidents, decay or old age. A missing tooth can mean hindrance to speech and chewing. It can also indirectly cause temperomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) or jaw joint pain due to a bad bite situation. Not to mention that missing a tooth can cause significant loss of bone tissue that once held the tooth below the gum line.

Replacements like dentures can hardly match up to the convenience of real teeth. They are removable, which makes them bothersome when eating and sleeping. Moreover, cleaning dentures can be a tiring process.

Dental implants are an effective alternative to dentures. The dental implants are permanently fixed in the jawbone and look as natural as your real teeth.

Implant restorations (see our before and after photos here) are performed by first surgically placing a metal implant called an ‘anchor’ in the place of the missing tooth. Adjacent teeth are affixed to the abutments by removing a part of their enamels. A bridge, with three crowns is then placed over these abutments. The anchor is allowed to stay, where gum and tissue grows around it, thereby further strengthening it.



Dental implants imitate real teeth in appearance, strength and feel. Implant restorations are the best available procedure to remedy the inconvenience of having missing teeth, and further, they can last an entire lifetime!

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