Tooth extractions have always been the last resort for any dental treatment. One may need to a tooth extraction in the following cases.

  • Infected tooth that is damaged up to the root
  • Partially erupted tooth needs to be extracted to prevent infection through the gum line
  • Installation of dentures or braces to cure overcrowded teeth
  • A tooth that is preventing the growth of an adjacent tooth needs to plucked out
  • Radiation therapy to the neck and head
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that are do not to fit in the jaw, have become infected or are painful need to be extracted. 

Depending on the condition that you require the tooth extraction for, doctors will determine the procedure for it.

A simple extraction is performed by applying an anesthetic gel or an injection to the tooth and plucking it out. In most cases, a simple extraction is a standard. A surgical extraction may be required when the tooth in question is not seen in the mouth.

At Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s clinic, the procedure for extracting a tooth is carried out in the controlled environment, with appropriate safety measures and sterilized equipment, so as to prevent any post-operative infections.

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