Full Mouth Restoration

Restorative dentistry has provided solutions to the medical and cosmetic needs of patients. At Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s clinic, we try our best to satisfy both these demands.

In case of a serious accident, several missing teeth or excessive, generalized damage to teeth, a full mouth restoration may be necessary. Patients with multiple missing teeth and congenital dental defects can also require this procedure. Many patients opt for a full mouth restoration in order to radically change their appearance. Patients suffering from temporamandibular dysfunction TMD are also known to need a full mouth restoration to solve the problem of malocclusion or misaligned teeth. A full mouth restoration has known to give definite results.

Full mouth restoration is a combination of various separate procedures like dental bonding, crowning, teeth whitening, installation of veneers etc. to recreate the perfect set of teeth. The combined effect will reduce any tension in the jaw and neck and make a more comfortable bite.

A full mouth restoration is the perfect way to achieve that perfect smile that you have always wanted! Come to Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s clinic to get a new reason to smile, with a full mouth restoration.

Before Full Mouth RestorationAfter Full Mouth Restoration