Hygiene Services

Over the years, preventive school of thought is gaining prominence in dentistry. It is widely accepted fact that regular visits to the dental hygienist are important to sustaining good oral health.

Although brushing and flossing of teeth is a must to maintain clean teeth, availing dental hygiene services is proven to prevent any occurrence of dental illnesses. Dental hygiene services are a set of various steps of cleaning teeth, including the inter-dental space and behind the teeth and restoring their lost fortitude.

A typical visit to the dental hygienist will cover the following aspects-

  • Use of ultrasonic instruments for tartar removal. Hardened tartar does not come off by brushing and dentists will have to use ultrasonic instruments which will cause no harm to your teeth.
  • After this, the smaller pieces of tartar will be removed manually using smaller, finer tools.
  • Followed by this is polishing with the help of a tool with a rubber cup at the end of it.
  • To re-strengthen your teeth which were covered by bacteria, dentists will varnish them using fluoride enriched paste.

The clean mouth feeling at the end of a dental cleaning session is uplifting enough to inspire confidence!

Come to Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s clinic to receive thorough dental cleaning at the hands of our professional hygienists.