Although it is common knowledge that dental procedures are much needed to maintain a healthy teeth, people sometimes associate deep anxieties to visiting a dentist. Thus, following types of sedation techniques may be necessary at times. 

  • General Anesthesia

In case of general anesthesia, our doctors will first consult you and proceed only with your consent. Sleep dentistry, as it is commonly referred to, is used in cases of extreme anxiety on part of the patient. It is also an effective tool to curtail pain.

  • Oral Conscious Sedation

As the name suggests, the patient consciously takes oral sedative prior to the visit and is given a dose of nitrous oxide gas to enhance the effects of the sedative. This helps to reduce anxiety in relatively simple and pain-free procedures.

  • IV Conscious Sedation

This type of sedative can be used both as a general anesthesia and to create a state of semi-consciousness. It creates a ‘twilight’ state of mind in which the body is relaxed, feels no pain while a temporary state of amnesia wipes out the memory of the procedure from your mind.

We will make sure that you receive nothing but complete information of regarding the sedation technique being used on you. Our highly-skilled groups of medical professionals at Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s clinic are trained to handle sedation with utmost care and safety. Visit today for safe and pain-free procedures.