Bleaching or Teeth Whitening

Clean, white teeth indicate the good health and youth of a person. Unfortunately, yellow teeth are unavoidable in a hectic lifestyle. Regular consumption of tea or coffee, smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco etc. are all responsible for damage to the natural whiteness of your teeth. Even without these habits, your teeth are being stained by certain types of food and poor oral hygiene.

This situation can be reversed by professional teeth whitening procedures.

At Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s clinic, you get a chance to redeem the lost glow of your teeth. You can visit the clinic for a teeth whitening procedure from our highly skilled team of doctors. We prioritize your safety and take all measures to ensure your comfort. You can also select from a range of teeth whitening products that you can use at home. Our doctors will make sure that you receive the best in the industry.

Make an appointment at Dr. Marc Weizenberg’s office today. After all, a perfect smile is the best first impression there is!

Before Teeth WhiteningAfter Teeth Whitening